Meet Bruce!

Cats. Dogs.  Bearded Dragon. Turtles. Hamster. Chickens.

Those are all the pets that my family has had so far. Needless to say … silence is a luxury in our household. But now that I’m away at school year round, it can get pretty lonely going from a house filled with loving animals to nothing. So I got a beautiful bunny! Today marks the second month of being with this little guy and just like any pair, we’ve had our ups and downs.


I love that guy so much so why not dedicate an entire category so everyone can read about our life together?! I’ve never had a bunny before now so it’s definitely an experience but I wouldn’t change at thing.

Picking a name for him was probably the hardest thing so far. After being told by the pet store that my bunbun is a boy I spent a week thinking about the perfect name that fits him. After the many polls taken (thanks friends!) I decided on Bruce- Flynn, but we’d just call him Bruce.

Owning a bunny means annual check ups and the vet’s office clarified that it’s really a SHE! Fun fact about rabbits? At a young age the gender can be REALLY hard to tell. So Bailey it was….until we had a bunny play date and my eyes definitely saw parts that a girl bunbun shouldn’t have. Imagine the shock!

Finally! Some evidence to really tell us what the gender of the bun is! My mind was spinning from going back and forth between names. The name and the gender didn’t even matter because the minute he came up to his cage to meet me in the pet store, I was hooked.

The past two months with this (now 4 month old) bunny has been an absolutely  life changing experience. And I’m looking forward to many more situations and adventures with that little guy!

Have you had any weird or funny pet name stories? Share them in a comment below!


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