What I wish I knew before Blogging…

With all the hashtags going stray, many of them are still being used to actually interact with others in conversation. Some are local conversations and others can be national or even international.

On Sunday March 10, 2013 I participated in one of the largest conversations on twitter: #BlogChat. Before that, I took part in maybe one or two chats and this was very educational. I started this blog earlier this year and the topic of the night was great! What did you wish you knew when you started blogging? There were so many influential bloggers that it was sometimes hard to keep track of the conversation.

I learned that Self Hosting is the way to go if I stick with blogging. It seems to be better for design and easier to mold to the author’s needs. It is also good for keeping all your content together… especially if the host site sells.

I also learned about the pros and cons of including my own images, the beauty of expressing my own ideas and allowing followers to come to me, conversational v. informative tone, and even the simple joys of brain storming ideas for upcoming posts.

If you want a transcript for the chat just click here. Blog Chat starts around 9 pm every Sunday evening.

Even with the conversation, there is still more that I can learn. With research I stumbled across a site that showcases 58 ways to transform your blog. The site touches on basics, improving usability, integrating social media, forming strong connections, enhancing your content, and more. There are also many more sites out there as resources. Just as I plan to do, you should check them out and transform your blog.



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