Reacting to SM Press Releases

Social media seems to be taking over everything. The book “Share This” touches on the topic of social media press releases in a couple different chapters.

I’ve tried the journalism thing and I seem to like it. I’ve only really covered sports knowing that I will need to dip into the PR side and actually write a press release scares me. A lot about the PR world scares me but I guess that’s part of what I like.

Being a journalist has been comforting  but taking that next step will be a tad difficult. I’m sure that writing my first press release will be intimidating but I’m ready. I’m not prepared for the social release though. The chapters touched on a lot of the very different elements.

Short Headlines. Links. Quotes. Multimedia. Infographics. Social Networking Sharing and Bookmarking Tools. Email Sharing Button. Creative Commons License Contact Information. RSS Feed. Image Gallery. Search Facility. Tag Cloud. Coverage Archives. Corporate Calendar. And more.

The list could go on forever if we really wanted it to. Just imagine the time it would take to get everything started though. After the second, fourth, seventh, and more, you would get used to it. That very first one scares me.

The hardest part though would have to develop genuine relationships. I have no idea how hard it is to push a release but it sounds difficult. I love meeting people but I feel bad getting to know someone just because I would have a hidden agenda. This was brought up in class and we decided that that’s why relationship are developed WAY early on.

As much as this all scares me, I know it will continue to scare me. It’s the truth and I acknowledge it. I just hope that it make me happy when the time finally comes.





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