Social Media Training

Pinterest is a site that I check on a daily basis. Whether it’s for food recipes, crafty projects, ideas for my next shopping trip, but recently I’ve been following more companies. One specific follow was for PR News.

They have 23 boards but they aren’t cluttered with thousand of pins. Each board is also very specialized. Among all the food on Pinterest, PR News has a board dedicated to tips. It’s filled with fun info graphics and other.

Useful ideas.One specific info graph is all about how to train employees. I’ve learned a bit about social media guidelines but this info graph goes a bit farther. It’s one thing to provide  a framework for employees but it goes one step further to train them as well.

The training would be a good thing for Eastern Michigan University, especially with all the sites that are outsourced. Our brand is so in your face but what would the result be if one of our own managed our twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

Finding out that we outsource our media, I’m starting to wonder what other companies and universities use the same approach and if anyone actually trains their employees.

As for the rest… check out the info graph and their pinterest all for yourself. I’m sure you’ll learn something.



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