Do you have etiquette?

When people are finding out about deaths on social media sites, we’ve gone to far.

Serial Entrepreneur, columnist, mentor, and investor Ilya Pozin posted etiquette tips and everyone should take his lead, or at the very least read through them.

Targeting a specific audience should be the first thing on any company’s mind. I that isn’t there then what are you doing??

Will anyone actually care what I’m posting, well besides me? Many of the teenagers now (and even adults) REALLY need to check this one out. I admit that I can be guilty of this sometimes but no one cares about the pop you just drank or how you walked into the next room. Tell us something of substance.

When I post, will it offend someone and does it matter? It helps to know who is watching you, but just to save problems in the end… don’t post anything offensive (unless it’s your job).

Should social media followers see this? Or should I find another place to state this? Let’s go back to the deaths… no one should find out about deaths or even happy things directly from sites. Some people should be called, visited, anything but SNS.

The next one goes back to a lot of recent teenagers. How many times have I posted today? If you are posting every couple of minutes, it’s pretty good to guarantee that its excessive and no one really cares.

In a world of spell check… not many people use it. Use It.

Even though some profiles are private, anyone and I mean ANYONE could see what’s posted. Screenshots can and will be taken and hey will live on forever. Will you be okay with that?

Vagueness is also a no-no. If you post it, followers and friends should be able to understand what’s going on.

Emotional dumping posts are everywhere and they should all just go away. There are much better outlets for those, like a diary.

If I cnt understand wut u r sayn bc u post lik dis, Delete it and stop. Even teenagers should stop typing like “teenagers”. It’s a bad habit to get into.

Fast reaction or well thought? One could get you into trouble so stop and think about it for a minute.

This final one goes along with the emotional posting. Am I just venting? Is it something that I should really share?

These are just my takes on his etiquette tips but people and companies should definitely try at least a couple out.


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