The Ravens vs The 49ers: Social Media Edition

As football fans all over dig out their foam fingers, prepare their chicken wings, and a variety of chips and dips…social media is claiming Super Bowl XLVII as its own.

This past Tuesday (1/29) the Super Bowl was kicked off with a social media day, also known as Christmas morning or a free-for-all for journalists, reporters, and many more fans. Fans paid $25 to sit in the stands and watch all of the commotion take place.

Aside from media day, this event has still gotten a lot of hype on the web. The official twitter page has over 72 thousand followers with only 648 tweets on the page. This doesn’t even include the NFL page or the two competing teams. So many people all over social media just happen to be waiting for Sunday, and talking about it until it comes.

Even with all of the talk, 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh says the ” Facebooking and the Tweeter” are a waste of time. I’m sure many people disagree, especially because there is a social media guidebook for the event.

The info graph lists the top 3 “Super Fans” from each team. Social media doesn’t matter? Well between the 6 of them, there is an accumulated 7,272 tweets about the two teams this season alone. Even with Jim’s opinion, the 49ers seem to be slightly more favorable, but the Ravens have more mentions.

If that wasn’t enough to prove that social media is HUGE, let’s take a look at the past years. In 2011, the hashtag to follow was #SUPERBOWL with 3 million tweets. #SB46 was last year’s with almost 14 million. This year seems to be even higher but right now is too early to tell, just follow the hashtag and continue the conversation at #SB47. That was the official hashtag but what about others?

#SuperBowl #SuberBowl47 #Harbowl #49ers #Ravens #NFLExperience #NFL #QuestForSix #Niners #RavensNation and I’m sure there is more.

Even with everyone choosing a side, it’s amazing to see how social media is changing annual events. As everyone sits down with their food and beverages of choice, twitter, Facebook, and many other sites will be bombarded with hashtags, mentions, posts, and support for their team.

I’m not a big football fan but I’m excited to see how the Super Bowl progresses in years to come.


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