We live in a world of Social Media…


Many people use these sites, and other social network sites (SNS), as a way to reveal every little thing that happens in life. For a moment in time, I was one of those people. I’ve learned so much about social media in the past year alone and I’m very thankful for that.

Social Media is used for much more than the descriptions of a day. It’s a way to communicate. Social media is a channel for information to go through and that is very beneficial in the fast paced world that we live in today.

The book we use in my social media class has opened my eyes in just the first chapter. With only an introduction to social media, I’ve come to realize that I have a long, hard, and fun road ahead of me.

There are sites that some of us may take for granted, these are still SNS. We all know that LinkedIn counts but how many of us truly knew that Wiki, Spotify, and Virtual worlds also counted? I sure didn’t until I read the very first chapter.

There are many more sites out there that I never even knew. Some of them aren’t even common in the U.S. It’s just mind-blowing to know that there are more outside of our little bubble just waiting to be explored. As those stay off our radar, more and more sites are popping up every time we look around.

The author, Katy Howell, ended the chapter on a good note. No matter what sites are used and who controls them, the main objective should be to create a community. This can do wonders for any brand but may not be as easy for others. It is up to us, users of social media, to also create a sense of home and community to our status updating, picture posting, video uploading, tweeting peers.

Still need that reality check? Check out this video.



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