My Welcoming Party

So I finally gave in and created a blog. WHOO!!

It wasn’t all my doing though. I was kindly suggested *required* to make one for class. But I also want to discover all of the ins and outs of what social media has to offer.

So browse the site and let me know what you think. Get to know me while I get to know social media.Image



2 thoughts on “My Welcoming Party

  1. I think social networking sites are definitely for creating communities but social media in general has become so much more. I think of YouTube. Before recently it was simply a place to find and store funny videos. Now it has become a major search engine and people go there to find out how to do just about anything. I do agree though that it is up to us the users to make it all it can be. As PR professionals especially. Too often I see ineffective posts that only clutter up the social online world. Sometimes I feel bombarded so I just give up and don’t want to even try to deal with my pages. I’m really looking forward to our class when we can build our personal learning networks. Ideally I think this is how all students should be building up their social media pages. Create a community of people you can learn from and possibly even get a job from one day.

    1. The PLN is the assignment that I’m most excited for! Yea, we could fluff it up and make it seem like we did more but ultimately we control our own learning process. The thing that amazes me the most is that not only can I get a decent grade on it, but I can use it in the real world too.

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